Robert J. Rosemeier, Founder

People. People and our Pride.

We’re a dedicated team of people, most of whom have been with the Company for over two decades. We’re the best in Central Pennsylvania. It’s why 70% of our business is from past customers, their families and friends. It’s why major insurance companies refer their policyholders to our facility.


Stop and think! Today’s complex vehicle computers require testing equipment and diagnostic procedures to be safe and to meet insurance company requirements. We’re trained and certified to repair vehicles that “mom and pop” body shops simply don’t understand. Our Company provides I-Car Gold training and manufacturer certifications to be in compliance with government requirements.

Stop and think! Be careful where you take your car. Each day we’re fixing the mistakes of small auto body shops. Before you allow someone to grab a rubber hammer and start banging your door panel, you might want to ask if they have computers to be certain over 20,000 parts are all operating properly.

Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way.